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Re: Rafatards chat. NO haters allowed!

Originally Posted by sokk View Post
Which is exactly WHY I made this thread, since his fans are not welcome in theother thread, I mean, at least they are welcome here. At least that was until the haters started to infest this thread too. I tried to prevent that from happening, but now I'm out of loss. People refuse to resepct other people, so..
I know you did. Don't worry about it so much. Just concentrate on the people you are attracting to this thread. In the long run that's what will matter. Obviously, there will be posts here that aren't what you would like, but it's the overall tone that matters. Just ignore what you don't like. If it's truly trolling and anti-Rafa, you can report it.

But, you should know that Linda is truly a Rafa fan. She has defended him with valor for a long time on MTF. She knows so much about him. I always defer to her knowledge. You two don't get along, and I'm sorry about that. It's nothing I'm going to fix. You are both Rafa fans, but have different approaches.

As for all haters being thrown out, the other chat thread has welcomed a wide variety of people. Some are Rafa first fans, others like Rafa but support other players, and a very few don't like Rafa at all. So there's a wide tolerance for who likes whatever player. But flat out insulting Rafa isn't really tolerated there. It's an unusual thread and I think the people who post there like it that way.

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