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Re: Rafatards chat. NO haters allowed!

Originally Posted by Veronique View Post
Is this really necessary? We all love Rafa here. Some of us faced hostility by merely posting in a thread that had Rafa Fans words in the title.

BTW, your avatar captures the essence of Rafa as I picture him, so pure and innocent.
Exactly. That is what I used the words real fans, because I knew the other thread which is CALLED "Chat thread for Rafa fangirls.." isn't really for his real fans, or else I wouldn't have been thrown out for just saying nice things about Nadal.

I_mac, I KNOW you are not a fan of Rafa. I have seen your previous posts on GM and in the other thread. Please get lost. I am serious. I was thrown out of the other thread, so I made this thread to talk to some of his REAL fans as I like to call them. Someone who actually SUPPORTS the guy. I hoped everyone could respect that, but I guess not. Congrats. You have just ruined another thread. Please jump over to the other thread and the other haters.

Yes, I am a bit angry, because this board needs some serious cleaning up in. All Rafa haters should be thrown out, or at least keep themselves to the haters thread. This sub board is supposed to be for his FANS. Why are you even here if you are NOT a fan?

I don't know which is worse, haters posting here and offending fans, which means his fans has not ONE place to post without getting attacked, or the mods for not paying enough attention. They really should have prevented this for ever happening.

Ugh. Whatever. I am tired of this.


Also supporting known chokers Verdasco, Lopez and Monaco

Originally Posted by rubbERR View Post
Verdasco was their cheerleader, number one mascot.
They let him play tennis once after they saw his "consistency is everything" advertisement.
Originally Posted by JarkaFish View Post
Joke thread? Kohlschreiber clowns this servebot in 3.
Maybe 4 or 5 if he wants to get more of a workout in.
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