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Re: Rafatards chat. NO haters allowed!

Originally Posted by sokk View Post
Firstly, I made this chat. I meant that ALL Rafa fans are welcome, or even people who can be sivil about him. All Rafa haters posting will be reported. You can hate other players in here, just not Rafa. This is a chat for his fans, and I hope all will respect that. I was on the other thread I thought was for his fans, but people started to attack and bash me, and said I should get out of the thread. I did, and made my own, JUST for his fans. A place his fans can chat.

I am serious about this.. any negative, hateful posts about him will be reported.
Hi sokk

I think what star suggested, and I respectfully support, is to replace the "haters" in the title by "Rafahaters" or, in established MTF lingo, "Rafahatas". This way it will become clear it is allowed to hate any player here except our worshiped Rafa
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