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Re: AQ's Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
Ok...if you guys can have one, so can I.

After many years on the comeback trail (two babies and such ), I've hooked up with a team that's headed to our USTA District Championships next weekend (July 10-12).

Luckily, I've played with many of these ladies before, have my regular doubles partner on the team too. As a team, we kicked some serious butt here locally. Swept our flight with four 5-0 match wins (including one over the other til-then undefeated team in our flight). We lost a total of four individual matches all season long.

So guys (and the few other gals that roam here)...cross your fingers for me/us as we head into the tournament. It'll invariably be hot, hotter than hell actually. Heat management is a significant issue and they usually even have medical staff there. Last time I was there (many moons ago and definitely pre-mommy), the on-court thermometer was way past the 120F mark and several players were carted off to the hospital for IVs.

I'll keep you posted.
Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
We want to go back!
OK, I know it's really cheezy to quote yourself (esp in your own "cheering" thread )...but dammit, WE'RE GOING BACK!

We won our flight again this year and will play for our state/district championship next weekend. Gonna lose again, for the same reasons cited last year. But we'll have one helluva time. Weather's gonna be rough: East Coast US is in an ugly heat wave. We officially hit 104F yesterday. UGH.

I love my girls.
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