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3. SET:

GAME 1: Moya serves
15-0 great serve, JC nets a BH on the run
30-0 best point of the match so far, clever choice of shots from both players, JC approaches the net, saves one fantastic BH passing shot, Moya runs to the ball with lightning speed, puts it across the net, but JC misses a volley.
40-0 great serves sets up an easy drive volley
0-1 Moya gets lucky. His BH was going out but it clips the net and veers in.

Lol @ the commentators:

JC looking discontent and shaking his head.
CB: He still can’t believe it, Ferrero. It did clip the line though. No matter how much he looks at it, it’s not gonna change it. Of the last 8 games played, he’s only won the one game Ferrero. No wonder he’s looking a little perplexed.
TM: And it’s not as if he’s played badly.
CB: (laughing) He would’ve beaten most players on the second set perfomance.

15-0 great second serve (kick) and Moya’s lob goes out
30-0 great point by JC, he finished it off with a good volley
40-0 again total control by JC, great serve down the T, followed by a deep FH
1-1 another great serve, Moya’s return goes wide

15-0 FH winner by Moya
30-0 great point by Moya, his drive volley clips the line. The crowd seems to think it’s out and nobody trusts the linesmen anymore.
40-0 FH winner by Moya
40-15 Moya nets a forehand
40-30 Moya double-faults
40-40 Moya nets a BH, the commentator said he took the foot off the accelerator and he did
40-A Moya in control of the point, but JC’s phenomenal defence keeps the ball in play until Moya hits a FH a mile out. Break point for Ferrero.
2-1 long rally, Moya puts a BH down the line wide and Ferrero gets the break.
Commentators: The sheer power is amazing out here, the crowd are showing that in their faces.

0-15 great play by Moya, good return, JC’s ball is a little short and Moya attacks it with a ferocious BH
0-30 Moya’s deep return of a weak serve forces JC to net a BH
15-30 very long rally, JC’s shots are forceful but not very long, after a very short ball by JC (struggling to get to Moya’s big FH), Moya attacks with a FH, but JC produces a phenomenal FH pass The crowd is screaming.
15-40 long point, JC’s cross-court FH sails wide and it’s break-back point for Moya
2-2 super play by Moya, a killer BH sets up the point and he finishes it off with a volley

15-0 Moya in control of the point but his BH volley clips the net, JC gets to it but puts it wide
30-0 great service, JC’s return is out
40-0 JC nets a BH on the run
2-3 great serve, followed by a cross-court FH winner

15-0 good serve sets up a killer cross-court FH winner
30-0 Moya keeps Ferrero pinned way in the back but then makes a UE when attempting a BH down the line
40-0 great serve, Moya’s return is long
3-3 a ferocious FH winner by Ferrero

15-0 long rally from the baseline, JC hits a great BH down the line but Moya gets to it, JC responds with a FH to the same side but it’s not powerful enough, Moya responds with a killer FH down the line, JC lunges but can’t put the ball across the net. I think he bruised his hand a little bit, he looks at it while he’s getting up
30-0 great baseline rally, all balls are very deep, finally Moya’s ball falls short, JC attack with what should have been a FH winner but then nets a low-volley at the net
30-15 giant BH cross-court winner by Ferrero
40-15 Moya in control of the point, finishes it off with a drive volley
40-30 great return by JC keeps the ball in play, Moya hits a BH wide
3-4 long and powerful rally, finally Moya moves to the net and finishes it with a volley that just clips the line

Lol @ the commentators. CB: The drama continues. It’s that close that my money’s on the Spaniard. TM: Sticking your neck out huh?
15-0 clever second serve, Moya’s return in wide
30-0 another good second serve, Moya’s return is wide
40-0 Moya nets a BH
4-4 service winner, easy service game for Ferrero

15-0 great serve, return too short, Moya hits a FH winner
30-0 Ferrero attempts a huge FH but it goes long
30-15 long rally, Moya mishits a FH
40-15 hilarious point, JC seems in control, hits a drop-shot but it’s not short enough, Moya gets to it, JC attempts to pass him but Moya sticks his hand out in reflex and achieves a superb drop-shot. He even applogizes for it.
4-5 great serve

You won’t believe this, but they’re showing Ferrero sitting in his chair shirtless for almost a minute He’s looking very muscular and strong. I love these commentators (I know I’ve said that many times before). CB: Looks pretty fit though, doesn’t he *laughs* There’s quite a few situps in this torso I think. TM: Yes, he’s strong. I was making the point earlier in the week that he looks in fine fettle Ferrero. Looks like he’s been working hard. I know he said he came into this tournament feeling really well prepared. Did some hard work in Spain.

GAME 10:
15-0 ace out wide
30-0 ace down the T, Moya thinks it’s wide
40-0 Moya nets a BH
40-15 great second serve down the T but an amazing return by Moya
5-5 great serve down the T, Moya nets the return

GAME 11:
15-0 aggressive play by Moya, big FH seals it
30-0 Ferrero attempts a giant cross-court FH but it goes wide
40-0 Ferrero nets a return
5-6 huge serve by Moya, love service game

GAME 12:
15-0 good serve sets up a killer FH by Ferrero
30-0 huge hitting by Ferrero, Moya’s BH goes way out
40-0 Moya mishits a kick serve
6-6 aggressive play by Ferrero, awesome serve out wide and a ferocious FH

Tie-break! The drama is at its peak, the crowd is screaming both their names.

Moya serves first.
1-0 Moya sets up a perfect point but his FH sails just wide
2-0 long baseline rally, Moya cracks first and nets a FH
2-1 good serve, but then JC nets a FH, a give-away point
2-2 great strategy by Moya, he finishes the point with the third consecutive FH in the same corner, wrong-footing Ferrero
2-3 Moya attempts a drop-shot but it’s too long, JC gets too it without a problem, but he doesn’t hit it long enough and Moya executes a great passing shot down the line. He can’t believe he got away with that and he’s hopping around like a kangoroo.
3-3 great serve out wide, Moya’s return goes long
4-3 good serve, then JC goes for a cross-court BH, ball comes back and JC hits a remarkable low volley, probably his best point at the net, the commentators are drooling over it.
5-3 Moya attempts a drop shot, again it’s too long, JC punishes him with a BH, the ball comes back but JC saves it with a superb FH volley. This is the first time I see him clench his fist in triumph in this match. He knows how important this mini-break point is, but I think he’s also celebrating two brilliant points at the net in a row.
5-4 Ferrero’s return is very short, Moya attacks it at the net but Ferrero gets to it, unfortunately the lob is just a fraction wide
6-4 great second serve out wide, long baseline rally, Moya finally hits a BH down the line quite a bit wide. 2 MATCH POINTS!
7-4 sweat is dripping from Ferrero’s chin. And an ace down the T seals the match! Juanqui raises his hands in victory and cries Vamos! The crowd is ecstatic and so am I!

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