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2. SET:

GAME 1: Ferrero to serve.
15-0 good aggressive play by JC, he moves to the net but doesn’t have to as Moya mishits
30-0 UE by Moya, netted FH
30-15 Moya great at the net, several volleys put this point in the bag for him
30-30 UE by JC, FH just long
40-30 power-shooting by both, Moya puts it just wide
40-40 a long rally, both taking the ball very early, finally JC puts a FH long, terrific movement by both
40-A great play by Moya, he is running JC from side to side and finishes with a volley, BP
0-1 good serve but then JC smashes a volley out. It whizzed by so fast I thought it was in, but no such luck Moya gets the break

15-0 service winner
15-15 Moya goes for a big BH but nets it
30-15 very long rally from the baseline, finally JC nets a BH
40-15 JC puts a FH on the run just long. lol I think Moya might be arguing the call here, which would be really bizarre, either way, he’s not amused by judging
0-2 a powerful FH by Moya forces JC to hit the net

0-15 baseline rally, deep hitting, JC puts a FH long
0-30 terrific point but it ends with UE by JC (netted BH)
0-40 another netted BH for Ferrero and he can’t find his first serve at the moment. 3 break points
0-3 still no sign of a first serve. Moya makes a funny jump/skip when he returns but the next BH is so deep that JC smashes the ball into the net. Double break lead for Moya.

GAME 6: Moya serves
0-15 Moya puts a BH down the line wide
15-15 ace out wide
15-30 Moya nets a BH
30-30 FH winner by Moya
40-30 great shooting by Ferrero until he misses a FH badly
1-5 ace down the T

0-15 Moya returns deep and Ferrero’s BH sails wide
15-15 fantastic rally by both, all the shots very deep, catching the lines and then when Ferrero’s ball is a bit shorter, Moya hits a FH way out
15-30 first double fault of the match. The second serve caught the line I think and Ferrero was definitely not happy but didn’t complain
15-40 Moya returns deep and Ferrero’s FH sails wide, 2 set points
30-40 ferocious FH cross-court saves it.
1-6 now Moya goes for the big shots, eager to close out the set and it works, JC nets a forehand. Again no first serves in this game Second set to Moya.

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