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Thumbs up Match report from the Hong Kong final

Here's the match report I promised!

Some general notes: They both came out with guns blazing and great serving. In fact, the quality of their serves was great throughout the match. Very few double faults. Ferrero comes out wearing white in the first set, but then wears black for the rest of the match. The conditions are very humid, so the shirts cling to them like glue.

The match was fantastic, particularly the 3rd set. I was happy to see Juanqui finally play a terrific final. Even the commentators kept praising the quality of the match. Both players gave it their best and the match was as tight as they come. Huge hitting, but predictably not many forays to the net, where JC is still vulnerable.

Eurosport showed almost the entire match and only skipped a few games, so here is my full report. The commentators were Chris Bradman and Threw McMillan (I’ve no idea if I spelt this correctly). I repeat, I’m not an expert, so take these notes with a grain of salt.

1. SET:

GAME 1: Moya serves first.
15-0 netted return
30-0 service winner
30-15 some wonderful shots by both, Moya puts a BH just wide.
40-15 service winner out wide
0-1 ace down the T
Impressive serving by Moya.

15-0 great serve down the T, Moya can’t quite get to the ball and puts it wide
30-0 ace down the T
40-0 big hitting by Ferrero, ends it with a wonderful cross-court FH
1-1 UE for Moya, very long

15-0 service winner out wide
15-15 Moya dictating the point but great defence by Ferrero. Moya finally misses a drop shot, but not by much. Good rally.
30-15 Ferrero puts the second serve return wide
40-15 Great serve out wide that leaves the court wide open for Moya
1-2 Another good serve and an easy put-away volley finish the game

GAME 6: Ferrero’s serve
0-15 UE by Ferrero, nets a BH
15-15 very deep FH, Moya overhits it and it sails long
15-30 UE by Ferrero, he takes a risk but FH goes long, under pressure now
30-30 ace out wide, but Moya doesn’t believe it was in. The ruling stands.
30-40 a bad miss by Ferrero, his FH well wide and he’s in trouble
40-40 saves it with a great serve and an even better BH down the line
A-40 wonderful rally, deep hitting by both, finally Moya puts a FH long.
3-3 service winner out wide

15-0 service winner
15-15 Ferrero’s BH hits the back line, forcing Moya to hit his FH wide
15-30 Moya puts a FH just wide
15-40 terrific rally, but after a powerful BH by JC, Moya puts his own BH wide and we have two break points
30-40 Ferrero puts a return just wide, because he attacked a kick serve
40-40 beautifully constructed point by Moya, he hits a terrific FH that JC can’t get to
A-40 Moya doesn’t hit a lot of first serves in in this game, but JC nets a cross-court FH
40-40 this time he does hit a first serve in, but it’s called out (maybe it was just an automatic reaction by the linesman ) it is immediately corrected, but Moya is pissed off because it was well in (several inches). In the second attempt Moya clips the net and the ball flies off
40-A spectacular return by JC and it’s another break point
40-40 Moya is in charge of that rally, finishes by a FH into an open court
40-A Moya puts a FH well out break point # 4
4-3 Moya is running JC from side to side, then moves to the net, but when JC hits a great passing shot, the ball clips the net and flies straight into Moya’s body. First break to Ferrero.

0-15 long rally, Moya hits a terrific cross-court BH on the run
0-30 JC nets a FH that he had a lot of time to prepare for
15-30 great ralley, two great BHs by Ferrero, but he finishes the point off with a FH. Great defence by Moya though.
30-30 the bad-call scenario is repeated for Ferrero. It’s the same linejudge lol. The ball is clearly in, called out, immediate correction. Not only JC, even Moya is laughing and scratching his head in amazement. Bad return by Moya, his concentration was probably shot.
40-30 Moya nets a return
40-40 good service, long rally, Moya hits a clever BH down the line, followed by a cross-court FH
A-40 JC in total control. Great serve followed up by a nice volley.
40-40 terrific return by Moya. He took it on very early.
40-A UE by JC (FH goes long) brings Moya a break point
40-40 Moya nets a forehand
A-40 service winner
5-3 Moya UE, FH goes wide.

0-15 wonderful return by JC, Moya nets a FH in response
0-30 great serve sets the point up nicely for Moya but then he hits a drive valley way wide
0-40 powerful return winner, 3 set points
15-40 good S&V
6-3 a badly netted FH by Moya and the first set goes to Ferrero
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