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Re: Blagues, Humour et Fun

allez, on continue! deuxième fournée!
elles sont en moi fatiguée et pas faire traduction!

What do you call an insincere hippo?
A hippocrite.

How can you get a hippo to do whatever you want?
Try hipponotism.

How do hippos commute?
In a hippopotabus.

What do you call two hippos riding a bicycle?

How do you vaccinate a hippo?
With a hippodermic needle.

What do you give a seasick hippo?
Lots of room.

What did the hippo get when he started exercising every day?

How can you be sure that a hippo is telling you the truth?
Have him take the Hippocratic Oath.

What do hippos put on their hot dogs?

Where should you bury a dead hippo?
In a hippocrypt.

Bea to Alex Corretja: "Attendez y'a Gab...!"
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