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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world

Originally Posted by AnnieNik View Post
Pam, you ol' granny So spot on

As someone on joked "The female quota in Marat's apartment is filled already"

If I could just add few things about the Queen in his kingdom
As people say "Dogs have owners, cats have staff" and having in mind that the sweet little furry creature had already gotten under mama Rauza's skin, we have a serious contender here

I may add the screeching sound of meowing right in your ear, every morning, preferably few hours before one has to wake up. No days off, no vacation.. nada.... every single morning, for all of their lives.

Correction - there will be no other woman The Furry Queen is one and only. The rest are staff

Pamushka, hope you are well, georgous I kind of lost in touch, since I am no longer on FB.

Helllllllllo my 'georgeous' friend!!!

LMAO at the kitty talk ... I am sooooo not a cat person, but I have to share my life with one ... she is a superstar and I love her to bits, but god she's a diva!! ... and even worse she's now an old diva (she's 11 years old now) so she's a bit like a crazy combination of Elizabeth Taylor + Liza Minelli + an old Mariah Carey

the only thing I would disagree with you on is that there will be no other woman ... our boy Marat will hopefully get some scratches on his back/chest/leg (sorry,, I'm having a moment!!) from some claws other than the feline variety!!

I'd better go before the Penguin gets her feathers in a fluff over this being OFF TOPIC (Hi Jiat!! shouldn't you be studying instead of checking up on us crazy cat ladies!!)



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be happy because it happened.

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