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Re: -the NAMECHANGE thread-

Originally Posted by SloKid View Post
Rules are rules. MTF and TF are two separate message boards with different sets of rules. We don't foresee a change of current name changing rules in the near future. Please stop bumping this thread, this is a thread for name changes only.

And if you must know, your original username here was MR DOKIC.
No need to give me scarlet fever, thank you very much. I was asking a question about name changes in the name change thread, which I thought was rational thinking on my part but I guess not.

The only reason I mention the new rules on TF is because in YOUR rules (the ones shown to me in this thread, in the past page or so) made specific reference to the rules on TF. Doi! I understand they're seperate boards with different rules. I was just letting you know that their rules changes, and since your rules were seemingly a knee jerk reaction to what went on over there I thought it was relevent.

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