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Re: Grass Season 2k10

Reading through GM whenever Gael loses (and sometimes when he wins now that I think of it) is a major chore these days. And I'm just a lurker.

But anyway, what if any positives can be taken from today?

At least he didn't pack it all up and go home without any spirit at all after the first set when he looked like he didn't really want to be there. I thought this years grass court season was going to be even shorter than last years when he tweaked his knee in the first 5 minutes! Too sloppy in the third set though and in the match generally, no consistency at all even when things were looking slightly better.

We all know he has no fluency on grass but I thought he did okay for the section of the match after Rainer blew his chance of winning in straights. Seemed to be moving better than the start, anyway. Dipped away again after that.

British TV even managed to have a brief chat with Rasheed after the 1st set which was a bit unusual. Essentially he said it was up to Gael if he wanted to retire after hurting the knee (which I thought he might then) but his view was to fight through it and a show a bit more hunger. Other than that he said the last few days were spent getting Gael acquainted with the surface (heh).
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