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Re: 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world


Oh my god, she is adorrrrrrrrrrable!! So glad that Marat has chosen to settle down with a someone decent!!

Annie-baby!! ... oh how I would dearly love to make some remarks about Marat and his new plaything!! (I do have to say that she is by far the most gorrrrrgeous female I've ever seen him with!!!) ... I'm desperately trying to say something that doesn't revolve around the word p*ssy, but alas my brain turns to a hormonal moshpit when I'm at this forum so I have nothing clean to say ... ...

actually, no, I do ...

a word of advice for any woman who intends on moving in with Marat in the future ... now that he has a new 'lady' take my word for it, you will come off second best ... expect to be nibbled, bitten, scratched and leapt on (especially during the most *ahem* inconvenient moments) ... Funky Fenya may even attempt to trip you over and send you to the hospital with concussion and the need for plastic surgery ... she will probably go on hunger strikes when he travels ... and don't think you'll get a good nights rest, nooooo, she'll wait until you're in the deepest sleep, then lick your eyelids with her sandpaper tongue!! ... and if she decides to pee on something other than the litter tray, yes, it will be your clothes, not his!! ... basically, from now on, she rules and you'll always be 'the other woman'

BUT ... seeing a grown man play with a little kitten, seeing how she can take all of his stress away, and when she's almost dead and the only thing that she reacts to is him (tip for ya, Fenya, stay away from balconies/ledges etc etc)... well, it makes all the nighttime ambushes worth it .... DAVAI FUNKY FURBALL FENYA!!!!!!



Don't cry because it's over ...
be happy because it happened.

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