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Re: Suicide tennis Queens

Losing pick on day 6 (95 points):

tony86	Istomin	Mahut	Llodra	Querrey	Fish	Schuettler
Edy.	Istomin	Gasquet	Cilic	Querrey	Schuettler	Lopez
Hamstory	Muller	Gasquet	Fish	Querrey	Schuettler	Lopez
Losing pick on day 5 (60 points):

Bjorki	Navarro	Mahut	Llodra	Querrey	Sela
Broseghini	Gasquet	Sela	Benneteau	Querrey	No pick
CoolyBri	Istomin	Mahut	Lopez	Querrey	Sela
digor	Lorenzi	Mahut	Lopez	Querrey	No pick
EnriqueIG8	Ginepri	Malisse	Llodra	Querrey	Sela
Hellcat	Fish	Mahut	Llodra	Querrey	Sela
Ipsy@Mus!c	Navarro	Mahut	Fish	Querrey	Sela
KittyTennis	Istomin	Mahut	Llodra	Querrey	Sela
nickelS	Navarro	Sela	Malisse	Querrey	Sela
ostm89	Ginepri	Mahut	Malisse	Querrey	Nadal
poiree	Benneteau	Mahut	Llodra	Querrey	Nadal
Puschkin	Fish	Mahut	Llodra	Querrey	Sela
Raffaella	Ginepri	Gasquet	Llodra	Querrey	Sela
ronim1	Schuettler	Mahut	Malisse	Querrey	Sela
rvugt	Istomin	Mahut	Llodra	Querrey	No pick
Smidster	Fish	Mahut	Llodra	Querrey	Sela
Tbellucci	Schuettler	Gasquet	Llodra	Querrey	No pick
Losing pick on day 4 (35 points):

Boarder35m	Ginepri	Mahut	Lopez	Cilic
Dugavljan	Schuettler	Gasquet	Fish	Cilic
Dupuis2006	Fish	Mahut	Djokovic	Roddick
Frank Winkler	Gasquet	Murray	Djokovic	Roddick
Glory	Schuettler	Murray	Nadal	Ginepri
jmf07	Navarro	Roddick	Malisse	no pick
piratesswoop	Istomin	Gasquet	Llodra	Djokovic
sdtoot	Fish	Mahut	Llodra	Djokovic
Shi Feng	Gasquet	Mahut	Benneteau	Roddick
vanne	Fish	Gasquet	Djokovic	Roddick
Yarden	Fish	Mahut	Llodra	no pick
Losing pick on day 3 (15 points):

jfrtennis	Fish	Mahut	No pick
Kissing_Rain	Istomin	Mahut	No pick
Losing pick on day 2 (5 points):
156mphserve	Istomin	Monfils
adam10	Istomin	Seppi
Adder A216	Gasquet	Tipsarevic
All_is_onUSA	Ginepri	No pick
allan619	Gasquet	Seppi
andrijagajic	Ginepri	Seppi
anutam	Fish	Dancevic
balloon	Istomin	No pick
bandtree	Gasquet	Tipsarevic
Cheeky Chick	Istomin	Tipsarevic
Chris 84	Llodra	Tipsarevic
GasquetGulbis	Istomin	Dancevic
Gavnich77	Fish	Dancevic
Gemeos	Fish	Seppi
jcreback	Schuettler	Tipsarevic
JeremyEli	Lorenzi	Monfils
Kamui010	Fish	Dancevic
Labamba	Istomin	Dancevic
leoneo	Ginepri	Monfils
mmarto193	Dimitrov	No pick
muxiu	Ginepri	Dancevic
natashha	Schuettler	Dancevic
qczi	Navarro	Seppi
Rafter_forever	Fish	Monfils
Snoo Foo	Ginepri	Dancevic
Tonkie13	Fish	Dancevic
trucul	Muller	Dancevic
Tulipe	Fish	Monfils
vn01	Schuettler	No pick
Losing pick on day 1 (1 point):
Baink	Guccione
buddyholly	Dent
Caio_Brasil	Riba
Deck	Kavcic
diego36arg	Marchenko
John John	Bogdanovic
Peta Pan	Kavcic

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